Wednesday, March 8, 2017

happiness ted talks

Nancy Etcoff: happiness and its surprises

Nancy Etcoff begins talking about how depression and anxiety is rising, in the united states, there are more suicides and homicides, and the world health organization predicts that in the year 2020 that depression will be the second largest cause of disability. But apparently three quarters of people will say they are happy.
Freudian pessimism says that pursuit of happiness is doomed and that one feels inclined to say that the intention that man should be happy is not included in the plan of creation.
Etcoff explains how we have both a positive and a negative system, and that our negative system is extremely sensitive. For example people hate to lose more than they love to win, the marriage formula is that for every negative thing you have to do 5 positive, that is how strong the negative one is, and the stress response overkill, which is something that most people have done and it is that when we are very stressed out because we had a bad day or something and out of nowhere we burst into rage and this sometimes affects the people around us. But unfortunately we need this system because if we were governed only by pleasure seeking we would not survive. The new science of happiness tells us that happiness and unhappiness are not endpoints of a single continuum, and that happiness is not simply the absence of misery, a fact intuitively obvious to anyone who has ever felt happy

Dan Gilbert's Ted Talk

In Dan Gilbert's ted talk I learned that humans have tripled the size of their brain in just 2 million years. Now this doesn't mean that only in size it got bigger but it gains new structures. One of them he explains, is an experience simulator which lets us live stuff in our brain before we do it in real life, now this is a very helpful adaptation, for example, if wee see that someone mixes soda with milk and red bull, we automatically go yuc when we haven't even tasted it. I feel very identified with this because I do that all the time when I see a food that looks weird and stuff like that.
Gilbert explains later in the ted talk how happiness can be synthesized, he explains that people think happiness is a thing to be found, but in reality it is not. That is where synthetic happiness goes in to. For example, imagine a kid who has been wanting a certain present for Christmas, but his parents do not have the resources to buy it and the kid just tells his parents it is alright i am still happy. This boy creates synthetic happiness by being happy even though he did not get what he want, Most humans do the contrary, they are not happy unless they get what they want. This is called natural happiness and most people believe that synthetic happiness is inferior to natural happiness, but in reality synthetic happiness is as every bit of real and enduring as natural happiness

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


First I wanna point out things that make me happy; there are hundreds maybe thousands but obviously I can't remember all of them so I am just gonna point out the ones I can remember and that usually happen to me the most. Friends and family are the main thing that make me happy, for most people it is too and it is when I spend quality time with my family and friends, like when my uncles come and my cousins and we talk and have fun, or when my friends come to my house and just hang out.

Food also makes me happy. like when my mom cooks something special and that I like a lot, I feel very happy or when we go to eat tacos with a friend or with my parents. when someone offers me food that also makes me happy, for example, at school a friend offers me chips or soda, etc.

Water is something that makes me very happy too. Not literally water, but like when I go to the beach, or a pool, or river. I love being in water and swimming.

I think happiness is a feeling one gets when he has a satisfying or very pleasant experience.

What I consider to be my happiest moment of my life was when we went to the state of Nayarit in Mexico.
that place was just full of jungle and there were animals everywhere, so our parents took us to some secret place in the jungle which was a very far place, but when we got there it was so beautiful, there was a waterfall and super clear water and all the jungle and everything it was just amazing and we had a lot of fun and that is what I consider the happiest moment of my life so far.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Out of my comfort zone

I have been out of my comfort zone a lot of times, even right now I'm out of my comfort zone because I'm staying after school for training in the weight room, but mostly all the times I'm out of my comfort zone is because I want to lose weight or get more fit but there have been times i have left my comfort zone for other things. For example, I once read a whole bunch of encyclopedias so I could be better at school and stuff and they were very long. Also my brother, me and a couple of other friends made a music band so I sold all my video games so we could buy equipment and stuff so that would be another time I left my comfort zone. One thing I have learned from leaving my comfort zone is that good thing always come from it, I mean i know it's hard but at the end I always get something good so I can say that leaving my comfort zone is something good and positive that everybody should do, but honestly I have lost some opportunities for getting good things because I was too lazy to leave my comfort zone, but now I'm trying to take all the chances I have to improve myself.

Favorite Place

I have lots of favorite places i have been but my favorite place of all is a state in Mexico named Nayarit Because the whole state is beautiful and filled with great places. It is all jungle and there is a lot of beaches, and a lot of animals, and rivers. on one trip we went to a river called "La Tobara", it is a rive in the jungle and we get on a small boat and travel the river, but it is filled with crocodiles and many beautiful birds, and at the end of the river there is a zoo and there are a lot of animals like tigers, panthers, crocodiles, monkeys, strange types of birds, and then we get to swim in the river but obviously there is a fence that doesn't allow the crocodiles to get in. Another place there is a secret beach we went to, it was a little beach surrounded by jungle and we were the only ones there, and it was just a beautiful site to watch. My favorite place of all the places there was a place in the jungle were there were natural pools and a waterfall, and a huge natural water slide and it is by far my favorite place I have ever been to.


I have been stereotyped a lot of times in school and in the streets for example I am always called a beaner in school but all the stereotypes people have given me are mostly that i am Mexican.
I have used a lot of stereotypes and misperceptions too, and sometimes they are correct and sometimes they are not. For example, if I see a guy dressed with a bandanna on his head and with his pants almost to his knees with his boxers out, I would think he is like a cholo or part of a gang.
Another example would be that if I see a girl with piercing and always wearing black clothes and her hair painted black I would obviously think she is an emo and that she is always sad because she has problems in her house. Also I always depict black women to be very mean and short tempered, for example, if you say the slightest thing that they might take as offensive they start screaming to you and making a whole scene about it. I also depict black people to be very athletic and be very good at basketball and lots of other sports. Another stereotype I have is that Asian people are very smart and nerdy, and that they watch a lot of anime cartoons like Pokemon and stuff like that.

Friday, September 30, 2016

My life as a reader

My life as a reader is a very long one because I do like to read and I have read a lot of of books I Remember reading when I had nothing to do or when I went on a very long trip My favorite books are Five weeks in balloon by Jules Verne, around the world in 80 days, the mysterious island, journey to the center of the earth, the hunger games, the bible, etc, etc, etc.
My favorite book is five weeks in balloon and it is about three men who try to cross all Africa in a balloon, There they encounter a lot of dangers and it is a very cool story filled with adventures and stuff.
Around the world in 80 days is my second favorite book and the title says what it's about, it's about 2 men and a woman who make a journey around the world in 80 days, and they see a lot of people and have many adventures. All my reading experiences have been good one's The book that I am currently reading is called mysterious island, and so far it's been a very entertaining book and it's about 5 men who escape a prison on a balloon and then a storm hits them, so they get lost in the ocean and then crash on an island and their trying to survive.